Roman relics inspire Castlewood children

Castlewood School pupils at Fishbourne Roman Palace SUS-150510-144625001
Castlewood School pupils at Fishbourne Roman Palace SUS-150510-144625001

Students from Years 3 and 4 at Castlewood Primary School in Southwater have been focusing on Ancient Rome in their studies this term.

Mr Stallibrass, the school premises officer, thought he had discovered some Roman pottery while he was digging in the school’s vegetable garden so he asked the pupils to investigate further. The children participated in an archaeological dig in the school grounds and were delighted to discover several Roman relics buried under the earth including a bracelet, more pottery and a ring.

Inspired by these discoveries, the staff organised a visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace to help the boys and girls learn more about life in Roman times. At the palace they took part in a variety of workshops including designing and creating mosaics, building bridges and roofs, spinning wool and grinding flour. They experienced what it was like to be a Roman slave and learned how to write their names in Latin on a wax tablet.

Deborah McMahon, Year 3 teacher, commented,:“This active learning really enthused the children and they are producing some fantastic work as a result. Who knows what will be found next!”

Report and picture contributed by Castlewood School.