Right Royal Recycling.

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Wakoos Centre 4 Children in Billingshurst celebrated the Jubilee by holding a ‘street’ party alongside a recycling week.

The children made their own bunting, flags, and crowns from waste materials they brought in; ‘crisp packet’ bunting, and held competitions for the most recycled materials collected during the week, and the best dressed Prince and Princess on the party day.

The week included a visit from one of our parents who is building up a ‘green’ project, ‘Sussex Green Living’ which is a network to raise awareness of recycling and green living ideas.

She has come in and worked with the children on various projects using recycled materials.

Equally, as a registered charity we try to recycle as much as we can to help educate our future generation and as a fund-raising project for the nursery, so we have various projects on the go to collect specific materials that can be recycled, including yogurt pots and toothpaste tubes so the children can get fully involved in collecting these.

Contributed by Sussex Green Living