Retirement flats face demolition in £8.5 million Horsham redevelopment scheme

Proposals are being put forward to demolish a block of retirement flats in Horsham and replace them with 48 new homes in an £8.5 million redevelopment scheme.

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 3:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 3:30 am
How the new development at Page Court in New Street, Horsham, could look SUS-181129-150232001

Housing association Saxon Weald is planning to relocate people - all aged over 60 - currently living in the flats at Page Court in New Street.

A total of 26 of the flats are currently occupied and 16 are empty. Saxon Weald says it will offer existing residents ‘better quality accommodation elsewhere.’

It says it plans to submit a planning proposal this month but does not plan to start work until autumn next year. “This is because we allow plenty of time to find people suitable new homes,” said a spokesperson.

Page Court, built in 1972, is said to no longer offer a suitable standard of housing. After demolition it will be replaced with a mix of one, two and three-bedroom homes.

Saxon Weald head of development Stephen Humphreys said: “Page Court consists of a high proportion of bed sits with shared bathing facilities. We do not believe that this is an acceptable standard of housing in this day and age.

“While a move will be disruptive, we are confident we can offer residents a much better quality of accommodation elsewhere and will give them every assistance in the process.”

Tenants at Page Court are entitled to a statutory home-loss payment of £6,300 and Saxon Weald says it will also pay ‘for all reasonable expenses connected to their move such as removals, having post redirected etc.’

The spokesperson added: “We work with individuals on where they wish to move to and do all we can to meet those requirements where reasonable.

“For some people, this may mean a move to another of our retirement properties, for others, it may mean a move to extra care accommodation depending on their needs.”