Resurfacing for main Horsham road starts Monday May 18

Roadworks are due to take place on a main route in and out of Horsham from tomorrow (Monday May 18) lasting up to six days.

Sunday, 17th May 2015, 6:08 pm
Traffic alert

Carriageway resurfacing is set to take place in North Parade, along with Milnwood Road, Wimblehurst Road, West Parade and Hurst Road.

With North Parade particularly busy for commuters, the work on this road is being done overnight with a road closure between Hurst Road and Wimblehurst Road from 8pm to 6am. The resurfacing is for south of Hurst Road to north of Wimblehurst Road.

There will be road closures during the day for Milnwood Road, Wimblehurst Road, West Parade and Hurst Road.

A letter sent to residents about the North Parade work says: “As part of the programme to improve the quality of residential and rural roads across the county, we will be improving the condition and safety of North Parade, Horsham.

“This process will involve removing the road surface layer and replacing with new


“The work is planned to start on 18th May 2015 and is expected to take six nights to complete. Our hours of work will be between 8pm and 6am.

“Please note that this type of work is subject to last minute changes due to weather conditions, equipment breakdown or emergency work taking priority.

“The works may start at any time up to 5 days from the planned start date given above.”