Residents confused and furious over rubbish collection changes

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RESIDENTS across the district say they are suffering the consequences of Horsham District Council failing to notify them of changes in their rubbish collection dates.

People living in Spring Gardens, Washington, say they are furious after collections were changed without them being told.

Meanwhile, Horsham residents were sent out two letters telling them of changes, the first one being incorrect. The council confirmed that the changes affect about 3,500 ‘harder to reach’ properties.

Spring Garden residents told the County Times this is the latest and largest in a string of problems which has led to them making numerous telephone complaints to the council’s refuse department this year.

Until last week their domestic waste was collected on Wednesdays with green and household recycling on Fridays, but under a new timetable this was changed for their area to recycling on Tuesdays and household waste on Thursdays.

Spring Gardens, which has less than 20 homes, is a mile outside Washington village and residents say there had been times earlier in the year when their bins were not emptied at all. But they say the latest lack of communication by the council is inexcusable.

Resident Dennis Snuggs said on Wednesday: “We have not been notified at all. I have a green waste bin that is overflowing because it was put out on the normal day, and we have now discovered the collection was made two days early.

“There will not be another one until Tuesday of next week. It is a total disgrace. The council has not even updated its website, which still has the old collection times on.”

He added: “We pay council taxes for refuse collection and I want my money back. This is down to the council’s administrative incompetence. It is totally unacceptable.”

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