Residents celebrate an animal-friendly award

A greyhound called Tarquin and owners, Peter and Sandra Twigg, of Hanover Walk in Storrington, celebrated a silver award last week.

The former champion greyhound, with Peter and Sandra, joined housing staff from Hanover Housing Association to celebrate retaining the organisation’s RSPCA Silver Community Animal Welfare Footprints award.

The national retirement housing provider received the award thanks to its continued commitment to residents as a pet-friendly housing provider- with a substantial contribution from the Hanover Walk complex in Storrington.

The greyhound which is owned by Hanover residents, Mr and Mrs Twigg, was brought to the estate when the couple moved from Newhaven to Storrington in September this year.

Mr and Mrs Twigg were delighted to hear that Hanover had won the award.The couple had adopted Tarquin, a brindle greyhound in 2008 from ‘The Retired Greyhound Trust’. During his racing years Tarquin was known to racing fans as ‘Rulebook’ and spent most of his formative year racing successfully throughout the UK. They were able to take him with them when they moved to Hanover Walk because the complex is renowned for encouraging pets.

Val Harber, Hanover’s estate manager said: “At the Storrington estate, we have a parakeet, an aviary and several domestic pets owned by residents. The award is excellent news and highlights the positive benefits pets can bring in retirement housing.

“We are delighted to receive the award and next year we will hopefully be going for Gold.”

Val (55) said: “ I’ve been here 23 years now at the site, which has 53 properties, and there’s very much a sense of community.

“Many years ago you didn’t used to be able to keep pets in a retirement housing development, but that’s something I challenged and the company changed its policy.”