Residents’ anger over Christmas lights still twinkling brightly ... in May


Fairylights erected in Horsham town centre at Christmas have got residents seeing red - because they are still twinkling five months on.

The lights - criticised as ‘tacky’ - are suspended across the road in East Street and residents living in the area, who originally welcomed the festive decorations, now say they have had enough.

Ian Daniels, who moved to Horsham four years ago because he liked the town’s historic character, said: “We have lovely rooftop views towards the Carfax but they’ve been ruined and cheapened with these lights.”

He said residents in East Street had received no notification that the lights were to remain beyond the festive period. “In my opinion, they have well and truly outstayed their welcome,” said Ian, 51, who heads fundraising for a women’s cancer charity.”Twinkling illuminations have their place outside of the festive season - a summer garden party or perhaps at the seaside along the promenade, not in a historic street within a small market town.”

Horsham Councillor Christine Costin, who has been campaigning for a town spruce-up, said: “Twinkling lights at a higher level at first or second floor level twinkling away at all hours at this time of year is not so good for residents.”