Reporter raises more than £500 for epilepsy charity

Anna and Scott Coe before the quiz for the Epilepsy Society
Anna and Scott Coe before the quiz for the Epilepsy Society

A REPORTER who underwent brain surgery to treat her epilepsy last year has raised more than £500 for the Epilepsy Society.

In their first fundraising event to raise £1,000 for epilepsy charities this year, Anna Coe and her husband Scott ran a quiz night on Saturday and raised a lot more then they expected.

Anna, who has had epilepsy for more than 20 years, said: “We thought £300 was ambitious, but we raised £526 and want to thank everyone who donated.

“The Epilepsy Society bases a lot of its work on research and it also has a residential centre in Buckinghamshire where people with severe epilepsy live in safety.”

The charity started life as the National Society for the Employment of Epileptics 120 years ago when people were sent to asylums for having the condition, which now affects one in 105 people in the UK.

Anna continued: “Even though its name has changed, employment is still a real problem for some people with epilepsy, either because of discrimination or because their seizures prevent them from working.

“Some people are so exhausted from having seizures that they can’t function.

“I had about eight every month until brain surgery in June, but even that isn’t a cure and I could still have one at any time.

“This money is going to go towards finding out more about this condition and helping many like me who spend years trying to finding a solution to ongoing seizures.”

Anna is also doing a sponsored walk in May for Epilepsy Action and has already raised £280 of her £500 target.

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