Renewable energy on the increase

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THE recently set up Greening Campaign is hosting an event to help people interested in installing renewable energy in their homes.

A new government incentive to encourage installation of renewable energy has brought about a flood of newspaper adverts and letterbox flyers offering ‘free electricity’ to householders.

Terena Plowright, director of The Greening Campaign, said free electricity is possible, but people need to be aware of the risks in taking up what seem to be good deals and this event aims to address their concerns.

She said: “Amazingly the ‘free electricity’ is true, but people need to understand that not all their electricity will be free and there are also some pretty dodgy deals on the market at the moment’.

“The problem for the householder and businesses is how to untangle the web of information so they can access the ‘free electricity’ safely through the recent government incentives.”

On January 26 at 7.30pm The Greening Campaign will host an event at Billingshurst Village Hall, for people to ask questions and find out whether the offer is right for them.

The Government has set up a scheme to support more renewable energy products being installed across the country. People are being offered up to 41.3p for every unit of electricity they create using PV on their roof even if they then use the electricity themselves. Some companies are offering to install the PV for free and give you the electricity for free if they can have the tariff (rent a roof scheme).

terena added: “We want people to understand the incentives which the government has made available because this offer can also reduce the bills for householders as well as encourage people to install renewable energy on their homes, it can also reduce fuel poverty but people need to understand the facts.

“Similar events are being organised right across the South East so if you miss this one you can attend one of the others’ said Terena ‘we simply have to make sure people understand the offer but also understand that this is a great opportunity for financial reasons and also to reduce our impact on this tired planet.”

The Greening Campaign has produced a free factsheet to help the general public understand the offers, which can be obtained by emailing or sending a SAE to The Greening Campaign, The Old Tractor Shed, Heath Farm, Heath Road East, Petersfield, GU31 4HT. You can also pre-book a seat for the events from these sources.