Remember remember, celebrate safely, on the fifth of November

DAZZLING sparklers, vibrant Catherine wheels and good old fashioned bonfires are set to illuminate our skies as November 5 draws near; but approach with caution, warns Horsham district council.

Guy Fawkes celebrations require strict safety measures and consideration to others - a message emphasised by the council in the hope of reducing complaints concerning the noise and danger caused by fireworks and fires.

One step taken to alleviate the problem has been to prohibit fireworks being used between 11pm and 7am; a curfew police are willing to extend to midnight on November 5.

Some basic tips below provide the guidelines needed to celebrate with colour and sparkle safely:


•Tell neighbours about your proposed bonfire

•Make sure all materials will burn quickly and are dry to limit smoke

•Keep the bonfire small to restrict burning time

•Check weather conditions to ensure the smoke does not blow directly into neighbouring properties

•Check for small animals before lighting

•Avoid burning at weekends and bank holidays when people may be in their gardens


•Burn household waste, nappies, tyres, plastics, foam or paint

•Use petrol, engine oil or methylated spirits to ignite the fire

•Leave a bonfire unattended

•Light a fire when air quality is poor (more on this at