RAGE steps up battle to save countryside

A indicative plan of the North Horsham development.
A indicative plan of the North Horsham development.

Campaigners are stepping up their battle to protect the countryside and wildlife north of Horsham from property developers’ bulldozers.

Plans are being put forward for massive expansion of the Horsham urban area, with 4,500 new homes plus an industrial estate, shops and new roads north of the existing A264 Horsham bypass.

But Residents Against Greenfield Erosion (RAGE), set up earlier this year, is determined to halt the controversial project.

It has already been joined by the influential Horsham Society in opposing the scheme and, in a move to build up support, it has embarked on its second mass mailing of the year.

Over the next few weeks 6,000 Horsham residents will receive the latest leaflet raising awareness of the threat.

A spokesman told the County Times this week: “The main objective of RAGE is to protect this lovely strip of countryside and stop the proposed development to the north of the A264.

“This wonderful area serves as a valuable resource, not only for residents of North Horsham itself, but for the wider community of the Horsham district.”

RAGE says it wants to make sure people have their say in upcoming public consultation.

The spokesman said: “It is vital that residents of Horsham have a real opportunity to comment on their environment.

“It is evident from our dealings with the public that many are completely in the dark about these vast planning proposals that are overtaking their district; by the time they find out, it is too late and the developments are already being built.

“The majority of Horsham residents are horrified at the prospect of covering our green fields with concrete and steel.”

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