Race to be the elected police crime commissioner starts in earnest

Sarah Stamp with Katy Bourne, the Conservative candidate for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner in Sussex.
Sarah Stamp with Katy Bourne, the Conservative candidate for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner in Sussex.

The race for the top police post in Sussex is hotting up as candidates begin canvassing in earnest in the run-up to

November’s election.

Ian Chisnall, the independent candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Sussex, unveiled his vision for the future of policing in the area, after Katy Bourne, the Conservative candidate, canvassed shoppers in the Carfax in Horsham earlier this month.

The election will be held on November 15, alongside similar hustings across the country, as all 41 police authorities in the UK are replaced with a PCC and advisory panels.

Speaking at the Liberal Democrats’ annual conference in Brighton, Mr Chisnall said: “I wholeheartedly support the proposals Revolving Door have today published in their ‘Pathways From Crime’ report and am happy to endorse it.

“We should be doing everything we can to prevent young people, particularly those with multiple problems, from coming in and out of the criminal justice system and ending up in a downward spiral that can lead to homelessness, substance misuse, family breakdown and poverty.”

He also received a celebrity endorsement from TV actor Graham Cole, who played PC Tony Stamp in the long-running police series The Bill.

Supported by Conservative Horsham district and West Sussex county councillors, Katy Bourne, the Conservative candidate and currently a Mid Sussex district councillor, canvassed shoppers in Horsham town centre.

She urged members of the public to vote for what she called the biggest change to policing in the last 100 years, and pledged to put a special constable in every village to deal with rural crime.

She labelled business crime and anti-social behaviour as priorities, and said she would give greater involvement to the Horsham District Community Safety Partnership, which she thought had worked very well in the area.

Meanwhile Godfrey Daniel, the Labour candidate, said this week: “Victims should be at the heart of the criminal justice system.

“The police must ensure that if a person does become a victim of crime they are confident that they have been treated fairly and that everything possible has been done to ensure justice in their case.

“Crucial to that process is communication between the police and victims of crime.”

Two weeks ago district councillor Peter Burgess (Con, Holbrook West) branded the post a ‘total waste of money’.