Pupils make pen mates with school children in India

Rydon Pupils
Rydon Pupils

A group of year seven pupils in Storrington have exchanged letters with pupils from a high school in one of South India’s poorest states.

The avid scribblers at Rydon Community College have written to pupils at Sri Chaitanya High School in Tangutur.

The link was established between Rydon teacher Mrs Westrup and 18-year-old student Katie James of Chichester High School, who is currently teaching English voluntarily in the state of Andhra Pradesh, on behalf of the charity Project Trust.

Rydon pupil, Tilly Lock, said: “I feel privileged to get an insight of how they live and I appreciate our resources much more since I received a letter.”

There was much excitement when Rydon received a parcel containing presents from India including jewelled bindis (forehead decorations) and a mehndi cone (for applying henna to decorate feet and hands).

In reply, the Storrington school expect that their letters and photographs about the recent cold and wintery weather will captivate their readers, as none of the Sri Chaitanya pupils have ever witnessed snow.