Pupils go with the flow during trip to reserve

William Penn pupils enjoy a trip to RSPB Pulborough Brooks SUS-151130-122659001
William Penn pupils enjoy a trip to RSPB Pulborough Brooks SUS-151130-122659001

On Tuesday November 3, Fry Class at William Penn School in Coolham enjoyed a day out at Pulborough Brooks with the RSPB.

The children got to use their map and compass reading skills to navigate to the river. Once there, they completed speed tests to test how fast the river was flowing. They also completed field sketches of the landscape and pond dipped in the afternoon.

Leo writes: “We trekked for over 2 hours, along long winding paths that lead over soft fields, and into dark woods. Finally we reached a wide glassy- looking river. We tested how fast the current was flowing by throwing a dog biscuit in and timing how long it took to travel 5 metres. “

Xanthe writes: “After lunch we played a game called Ropey Rivers. Using blue rope, each group made a river. Our group’s rope went down a long steep bank as a mountain. It also went through reeds for a valley and into the pond as a mouth to the sea! “

Elizabeth writes: Then Lucy taught us how to do a simple field sketch of the view of the pond and trees. We also got to do a little pond dipping. Did you know someone in my group caught five phantom midge larvae’s in 1 net!”

Megan writes: “Overall it was an amazing and fascinating day.”

Lucy, the RSPB Learning Officer said: “We thoroughly enjoyed having you and hope you will visit us again. I would like to add that I was very, very impressed by the knowledge the children had of rivers. In fact I was quite bowled over! Your class will go down in legend. The volunteers were likewise delighted by the knowledge and behaviour of the children.”

Report and picture contributed by William Penn School.