Pupils enjoy exclusive Roman villa tour

On Tuesday March 6, William Penn School's Fry class went on a school trip to Bignor Roman Villa. It was a working farm which was discovered in 1811 by a farmer, deep in the heart of the South Downs.

Wednesday, 21st March 2018, 9:31 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:18 am
William Penn pupils during their trip to a Roman villa SUS-180321-092337001

First, we got dressed in Roman costumes. Ethan and I (Aymen) were Emperor Joe’s trained guards. The slaves had to be ordered by the Mistress because they kept messing around!

After dressing up, I got extremely excited as we got an exclusive tour of the magnificent villa!

We saw loads of extraordinary rooms but my favourite part of the whole interesting was touching and seeing marvellous, dazzling mosaics.

One of the rooms that we went into had a mosaic of an eagle with a shepherd in its claws. His name was Gannymede, who held a crook to show he was a shepherd.

The artists who created the mosaics made a deliberate mistake because they didn’t want to be cursed by the gods and goddesses, who were only allowed to be perfect.

We then visited the baths. Next to the baths there were the changing rooms. We learnt the story of a lady called Medusa. She was cursed by a goddess called Minerva, who was jealous of her beauty!

Once we looked at all the things in the villa, we did a few great activities, and my favourite one was grinding wheat into flour using a quern. It was so fun!

The rest of the activities included; making our own mosaics, writing on beeswax tablets and sketching artefacts.

At the end of our fabulous day, we had a photo before we hopped back on the coach. We had the best day ever!

Report written pupils by Jessica, Aymen, Imogen, Luana, Alice, Lola, Stella and Phoebe.