Pupil’s ‘starfish’ dish on county’s school menus

Amy Leahy with her starfish fishcakes
Amy Leahy with her starfish fishcakes

Schools across West Sussex got to sample something a little different on the menu on Friday, November 16 - ‘starfish fishcakes’.

Budding chef Amy Leahy, aged seven, from All Saints CE Primary School in Horsham, got her starfish-shaped fishcakes on the menu after winning the Sussex Day competition.

Amy had to design, cook and name the dish herself and imaginatively used tomato sauce to make the starfish fishcakes pink. She said: “I can’t believe my fishcakes are on the school menu.

“It is so cool to see my friends eating a meal I designed myself.”

The contest, run by West Sussex County Council with its catering company, Chartwells, invites young people across West Sussex the chance to create a balance meal for its Steamplicity meals, with the winning dish being offered in primary schools across the county.

The meal needed to contain all of the food groups from Chartwells’ ‘Eat Well Plate’ – including protein, carbohydrate, fruit and vegetables as well as milk and dairy.

They could only contain small amounts of fat and sugar and have no fried ingredients.

Amy added: “Healthy food can be a bit boring sometimes and I wanted to make something that would be fun to eat and good for you.”

The inspiration for the fishy dish came after a school trip to Sea Life Brighton where Amy got to hold a real starfish.

Susan Costa, headteacher at the school in Tylden Way, said: “Well done Amy for producing an award-winning dish. Watch out Masterchef!”

The young chef also won a trip to Fishers Farm park as part of the competition.

Sarah Leahy, Amy’s mother, added: “We are really proud of Amy’s achievement.

“She has always been an imaginative child and great at thinking of fresh ideas. It’s lovely to see her rewarded for what she does best.”