Pupil interviews James Bond pilot

Ashleigh Brown with James Bond Pilot Jamie Chalkley
Ashleigh Brown with James Bond Pilot Jamie Chalkley

Collyer’s student Ashleigh Brown is set to have an article she’s written on the latest James Bond film published in ‘Media Magazine’.

For the piece, Ashleigh interviewed helicopter pilot Jamie Chalkley, a family friend, who worked on Spectre. Jamie was involved in the Moroccan scenes in the volcano crater, which feature towards the end of the film.

Ashleigh Brown said: “I’ve known Jamie for years now and always knew of his work within the film industry, but it wasn’t until the release of Spectre and starting at Collyer’s in September that I had even considered writing about his experiences.”

During the production of Spectre, Jamie flew the camera platform helicopter and at times the ‘acting’ helicopter in the scenes doubling for Daniel Craig! Ashleigh interviewed Jamie about his experiences on the shoot, as well as other films he has worked on and how he became involved in the film industry.

Jonathan Nunns, subject leader for media studies at Collyer’s said: “It is always terrific to see student’s enthusiasm for film put to such good use!”

Ashleigh’s article offers insight into one man’s experience of making a blockbuster. I’m really looking forward to seeing it in print!”

Ashleigh added: “In the future I’d love to join the British film industry, but having written this article I am now exploring other ways to get started; for example through journalism or even work experience in various studios.

“I am more than excited to discover what my future holds!”