Pulborough residents launch anti-Gatwick group

Ian Hare launches PAGNE supported by Sally Pavey (right) of CAGNE
Ian Hare launches PAGNE supported by Sally Pavey (right) of CAGNE

A new pressure group has been formed in Pulborough to fight against the proposal for a second runway at Gatwick Airport.

Pulborough Against Gatwick Noise & Emissions (PAGNE) was launched last week and has backed the desicion taken by both West Sussex County Council and Horsham District Council to withdraw support for Gatwick’s bid for a second runway.

The group is made up of concerned residents who have raised the issue of rising aircraft noise levelsin the area after a new government-backed policy made changes to flighpaths.

Ian Hare, a member of PAGNE, said: “Pulborough has until recently been a peaceful rural area and the blight of flight noise is something local residents have not had to face in the past 25 years.’’

He said the new group was now making ‘a concerted bid to make more people aware of the threat facing the community’.

“If we do not register our grievances now, we run the risk that concentrated flight paths over our heads will become the accepted norm,” he added.

Pulborough Parish Council debated the issue on January 22 and voted to endorse the group.