Pulborough community group wins BT grant

Readers' news
Readers' news

BT is rewarding three community groups and organisations in the South East with grants of up to £1,000.

The grants were awarded through BT’s employee recognition scheme, the BT People Awards, which acknowledges BT’s volunteering champions who selflessly offer large amounts of their time and skills to help others in their local communities.

South Sussex RAYNET Group in Pulborough won £500, with both Spelthorne Woodcraft Folk in Staines and St Peter and St James Hospice in North Chailey receiving £1,000.

John Weaver, BT’s South East regional director, said: “Many BT people throughout our region volunteer their time, expertise and enthusiasm to support their local community. The BT People Awards are a great recognition of this commitment and a chance for BT to support local organisations, groups, clubs and charities with what are often badly needed funds.”

Joe McDavid, a BT Human Resources director, said: “BT has a long history of supporting local communities through our volunteering programme which we are very proud of. The benefits of volunteering for BT and society as a whole are far-reaching and it is especially important that BT people are taking up the opportunity to use and develop their skills in this way. Our volunteers are a vital part of our goal - working towards a better future for all.”

One hundred and seventy three applications were received from BT people worldwide. These included a wide range of community organisations, from a steam train museum, to a cat rescue centre to a trampolining club, illustrating the wide variety of activities BT people are involved with.

Twenty two applicants received awards with a further 35 sports awards given to clubs up and down the country as winners of the BT Supporters Club catagory. Recipients, including an amateur boxing club, a sailing club and a lawn tennis association, were given sports kit and equipment vouchers.

For more information and the complete list of award recipients visit www.btpeopleawards.co.uk

Report contributed by BT.