Protest outside Pulborough development

Pulborough protest
Pulborough protest

THE CAMPAIGN to Protect Rural Pulborough Village group recently held a mini-protest to voice their concerns in relation to the over development of green field sites.

CPRPV is one of a growing number of local groups who have joined the Save Our Sussex Alliance (SOSA) in a bid to protect the county’s countryside.

Organisers say that the mini-protest on Saturday (November 26) was a ‘success’.

Held outside the Oddstones development on the A29, a spokesperson from the group told the County Times last week that they were not protesting against the development itself, due to the fact it has already gained planning permission, but that they were protesting against ‘this sort of development’.

A small number of CPRPV members and a couple of supporters got together at the site for around an hour, holding banners reading ‘Don’t Build on Green Field’ and ‘D€V€£OP€R$ - PUT PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT’.

Lorraine Dale, from the group, said: “We had a fair amount of support shown by way of members of the public coming up to us and also several passing vehicles waving and beeping their horns. In all, a small number of people made a huge statement.”

She added that the general consensus seems to be that people are against developments on green field land and that ‘Pulborough has had more than its fair share of developments in recent years’.

The campaign group was formed in March by residents in opposition to the latest plans to build 104 homes on the green field land north of Stane Street.

The plans by developers Hanbury are currently on hold as they look to amend their proposal in light of the public outcry.

CPRPV has said they will also be supporting SOSA at the demonstration outside the Conservative Party headquarters in Horsham on Saturday (December 3).

To view the current proposal in Pulborough visit planning reference DC/11/0952