Proposal will benefit village

new footbridge pulborough
new footbridge pulborough

DEVELOPERS feel that plans to build homes in Pulborough will bring significant benefits to residents in the area.

As part of the plans to build 103 homes on land north of Stane Street, Hanbury Properties have included a safer footpath beside the A29 and will make contributions towards a new, dedicated footbridge across the railway.

A spokesperson from the Chichester-based developer said: “As before a development here would provide a new footpath within the site shielded from the busy A29, and a significant contribution towards a new footbridge over the railway, enabling local people and families to walk safely to the village.

“This responds directly to the fears of some local residents who walk with their families along the existing narrow route.”

The new footpath along the A29 would be designed with pedestrians, cyclists and disabled users in mind.

At a Pulborough planning committee meeting on Thursday December 8, Mark Hobden, one of Hanbury’s directors, said that the developers would be putting £200-£250,000 towards the rail footbridge.

He added that West Sussex County Council will release money to go towards it when so many homes have been built on the Oddstones development.

The planning application was submitted in May and was due to be determined by Horsham District Council in August.

However, the plans were put on hold after the landscape and design officer at HDC asked for changes to be made to the open space on the site.

This resulted in new amended plans with one less home and more open space which was created by moving homes on the site.