Professor Brian Cox interviews Collyer’s Joe Brock

Professor Brian Cox interviewing Collyer's Joe Brock
Professor Brian Cox interviewing Collyer's Joe Brock

Collyer’s Head of Faculty for Mathematics and Science, Joe Brock, has been interviewed by Professor Brian Cox, eminent Physicist and well known BBC Science presenter.

The interview was part of a high profile event run by the Institute of Physics, who are currently campaigning to raise £10 million over the next five years from donations and sponsorship.

Collyer's Joe Brock and Prof. Jim Khalili

Collyer's Joe Brock and Prof. Jim Khalili

The campaign was launched at the end of September, with the help of Professor Brian Cox and another high-profile physicist, Professor Jim Al-Khalili.

The event was hosted by Professor Jim Al-Khalili and he asked people to give their time to Opportunity Physics, the Institute of Physics key fund raising campaign.

The Institute then showcased the many different facets of the work they orchestrate, based on the four areas of Discovery, Society, Economy and Education.

Representing the Institute of Physics, Joe answered questions from Brian and Jim about the incredibly successful physics projects he has been working on in Africa.

The event continued into the evening, where Joe was interviewed again by Brian, this time focussing in depth on work in Tanzania, which included projects Joe worked on with Collyer’s staff and students.

Joe said: “It was a prestigious day and an honour to be asked to represent the Institute of Physics at such a high profile event.”

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