Prep girls visit Petworth House

Farlington Prep at Petworth House SUS-140804-150545001
Farlington Prep at Petworth House SUS-140804-150545001

Prep 2 visited Petworth House as part of their Famous People topic.

The girls have studied the work of Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh, so they enjoyed the interactive and informative ‘Art Appreciation Workshop’.

They learnt about a portrait painting of George Wyndham, the Third Earl of Egremont, an ancestor of the existing Earl. Having discovered many interesting facts, they then took part in a challenge to compose their own portrait.

They looked at Turner’s landscape paintings of Petworth Park and sat at the window to draw their own interpretation.

After lunch, an artist demonstrated how to colourwash a landscape with watercolours and the girls had a wonderful time creating a moody sky.

Finally, they visited the beautifully-lit gallery to see the sculptures. It was a highly informative trip: the girls were able to see some fine art and sculptures first-hand, as well as having some practical guidance in the art workshops.

Report and picture contributed by Farlington.