Prep girls go behind-the-scenes at wagamama

Farlington School pupils visit wagamama in Horsham SUS-150302-121238001
Farlington School pupils visit wagamama in Horsham SUS-150302-121238001

On Wednesday 28th January, Farlington School’s Prep 2 headed into Horsham to visit wagamama, the Japanese restaurant and noodle bar.

The girls were welcomed by the manager and were given an introduction to wagamama. The head chef showed them to the restaurant and ran three practical sessions for them.

The six- and seven-year-olds learnt how to take orders and were guided through the menu.

They were brought a tray of authentic Japanese ingredients to try and were taught the names of the exotic items. The girls tasted a variety of ingredients including pink-coloured ginger, spiced cabbage, seaweed and yellow-coloured radish; some were met with more approval than others!

They were split into two groups, having donned blue hair nets, for a tour behind-the-scenes including a quick visit inside the huge freezers. It was interesting to learn about the fresh ingredients used and taste freshly-made apple and carrot juice.

The head chef instructed them in food preparation: weighing ingredients with special scales, explaining why weighing is important and the importance of hygiene.

Each girl then had the chance to weigh the ingredients which would be used to make their noodle sample.

Finally, the girls had a chance to taste the delicious noodle dishes which they were served and were delighted with the fantastic goody bag they each received!

An informative and tasty trip was had by all.

Report and pictures contributed by Farlington School.