Premier day trip for scientists

diamond light source trip
diamond light source trip

SCIENCE students from the College of Richard Collyer enjoyed an illuminating day out when 33 of them visited a world-class research facility.

Diamond Light Source, in Oxfordshire, is the UK’s national synchrotron facility, a particle accelerator not dissimilar to the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

Dr Rob Hussey, Chemistry teacher at the college in Hurst Road, Horsham, said the students enjoyed a fascinating lecture about the synchrotron which is one of the top five globally.

He said: “Measuring 1km in circumference, the stunning doughnut shaped machine looks like it has landed from outer-space!”

By accelerating electrons to near light speed, Diamond generates beams of light across the electromagnetic spectrum which are used to determine the structures of a massive range of materials and structures at the atomic level.

Dr Hussey said: “Fortunately the beam was down during Collyer’s visit, allowing students to walk right into the centre of the machine, an area that would normally prove fatal within seconds if the beam had been operational!”

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