Pre-school welcome firemen to reinforce a safer environment

Firemen at St Andrews pre-school in Steyning SUS-151215-150350001
Firemen at St Andrews pre-school in Steyning SUS-151215-150350001

The children of St Andrews pre-school, Steyning were amazed when the real Steyning Firemen turned up.

The safety of the children at pre-school is our highest priority and we are always reinforcing this by making the children aware of their surroundings and who can help them.

The firemen talked to the children about fire safety and the children had great fun climbing aboard the big red engine, watching the blue lights flashing and spraying the water from the hose. We all practised a fire drill as well!

This all took place in the newly secured outside environment where thanks goes to Steve Duffett - landscape gardening and maintenance, the parents of St Andrews pre-school, The WSCC Community Initiative Scheme, Steyning Parish Council and local businesses who have all worked together to provide additional fencing to allow the children the freedom to explore the outside area at The Steyning Centre.

Report and picture contributed by St Andrews pre-school.