‘Positive news’ for Horsham as unemployment falls

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There was some ‘positive news’ for Horsham residents again this week as the latest unemployment statistics were released showing a fall in the jobless total.

In figures released by Office of National Statistics currently 520 people are claiming Jobseekers Allowance in the town.

The total shows a six per cent decrease on last months figures and a fall of around 38 per cent over the past year.

It was also announced only 80 of these 520 people claiming the benefit were between 18 and 24, a fall of 43 per cent over the past year and a 24 per cent decrease on last month.

Paul Niner, partnership manager for the JobCentre Plus in Horsham, said: “It is very positive news. There is no reason to believe why these figures could not continue to fall still. We will be looking to continue working with our partners to make sure these numbers do continue to fall.”

The figures for the county show a similar pattern.

Currently 5,000 people are out of work in West Sussex, a fall of 33 per cent over the year and three per cent in the last month.

The number of young people claiming Jobseekers Allowance has also dropped with 955 people receiving the benefit. Figures show a fall of around nine per cent over the past month and a drop of 39 per cent over the year.