Popular park ‘tree walks’ making a come back


THE programme of tree walks in Horsham Park, which proved to be so popular last year, is to start again this month.

This year, evening walks are added to the programme to allow working people to participate. The first walks will be conducted on Wednesday evening (May 18) and Thursday morning (May 19) and start from Horsham Park bandstand (access is via the rear of Park House in North Street, Horsham) — see below for the full programme.

There are over 40 different varieties of native and imported trees in Horsham Park and it’s a perfect place to learn to identify the different species.

The free to attend Horsham Park tree walks take place during the summer, last up to 1.5 hours and are led by Michael McCabe, tree warden with Denne Neighbourhood Council.

Speaking recently, Michael said: “Trees are something we tend to take for granted; like the sea or the sky, they’ve always been there.

“While we can appreciate their beauty, we might not be aware of the many other different ways in which they contribute to our society, our environment, and our history.”

Horsham Park’s tree walks, or “Tree Stories”, are a light hearted way of exploring those aspects, as well as providing fresh air, light exercise and the basics of tree identification.

The walks are part of the wider programme of Horsham District Council’s Health Walks scheme.

Further information about all health walks is available online at www.horsham.gov.uk or by calling 01403 215269.

Horsham Park Tree Walks programme 2011 – free to attend

Wednesday May 18 (evening) 7.30pm

Thursday May 19 (morning) 11am

Wednesday June 22 (evening) 7.30pm

Thursday 23 (morning) 11am

Wednesday July 20 (evening) 7.30pm

Thursday July 21 (morning) 11am

Wednesday August 17 (evening) 7.30pm

Thursday August 18 (morning) 11am

Wednesday September 14 (evening) 7.30pm

Thursday September 15 (morning) 11am

Thursday October 20 (morning) 11am

Meet at the Horsham Park bandstand. For information or enquiries call Michael McCabe on 01403 263383.