Who should get social housing in the Horsham district?

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People have until Friday to respond to a survey asking who Horsham District Council should prioritise for emergency housing.

Social rented housing (previously known as ‘council’ housing) is in short supply in Horsham district. There are currently 1150 households waiting on the housing register, 541 of whom are in homeless or housing need. The remaining 600 households have only a desire to move or live outside of Horsham district and have a legal right to be on the Housing Register even though this is only a paper exercise as they are unlikely ever to be housed through the council.

Over the past two years an average of 330 households per year have been accepted onto the register with homeless or housing need while Horsham District Council has only be able to house 257 households per year.

Homelessness is expected to increase in the current economic climate so the number of people in housing need is also likely to increase.

The housing part of the Localism Act, which comes in to force in November, gives HDC the opportunity to review the way it allocates social housing.

The council needs to prepare Housing and Prevention of Homelessness Strategies by spring 2013. The council’s challenge is to prepare polices that are creative and flexible as we respond to a constantly changing world, and yet robust enough to provide a firm foundation for us to meet increasing and diverse housing need.

The council’s Allocations Policy needs to include all the ingredients to form mixed, sustainable communities which people want to live in and be a part of.

As part of this process, the council is keen to gather the views of all residents in the district on who social housing should be provided for and on the priorities for this provision.

Please take part in the consultation and let us know what you think. The consultation runs until September 14.

To respond to the consultation online go to the council’s website.