Village plan on public display

JPCT 270313 Billingshurst views. Photo by Derek Martin ENGPPP00320130327234800
JPCT 270313 Billingshurst views. Photo by Derek Martin ENGPPP00320130327234800

Billingshurst’s new five-year Community-led Plan will be presented to the public at the Billingshurst Show on Sunday June 29.

The drafting team, Billingshurst Community Action Plan Team (Billi-CAT), comprises representatives of Billingshurst Parish Council, Billingshurst Community Partnership and Billingshurst Chamber of Commerce.

In the first time the groups have worked together, they have drafted the plan, which outlines the how the community wishes the village to look in the future.

‘Billingshurst today and tomorrow, Community-led Plan 2014-19’ is the result of two years of surveys and meetings with residents.

In its foreword, it reminds residents: “This Community-led Plan gives us strength locally because it truly represents residents’ views.

“It gives us a real say more broadly with those who can influence our future within our District and County Councils, and other national bodies.”

It concludes: “As a gathering of people, we are also at a crossroads in our development as a community, and this Community-led Plan will unlock an exciting future for us.”

It is split into seven topics - Economy, Transport and Parking, Senior Citizens, Youth, Open Spaces and Environment, Community Safety, and Health and Wellbeing. Each has its own objective and schedule identifying the issues, how they will be addressed, with whom, and when.

It tackles the housing controversy as well stating: “The thorny issue of new housing and development must be addressed openly and frankly because the needs of our village and our families change, and we must anticipate that.”

Following the public presentation at the Billingshurst Show, the plan will be reviewed finally by the Drafting Team before hard copies will be produced.

To view them this weekend go to the recreation ground in Lower Station Road on Sunday from 1pm.