UPDATED: UKIP come second in Conservative county divisions

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The UK Independence Party has come second in all the West Sussex County Council Conservative Divisions.

In Henfield, Warnham & Rusper, Southwater & Nuthurst and Billingshurst were held by the Conservative Party, but in all four the UK Independence Party came second.

The Henfield Divison was won by Conservative Party member Lionel Barnard with 1,248 votes.

Liz Wallace for the UKIP came second receiving 723 votes, Liberal Democrat candidate Andrew Purches got 255 votes and 204 people voted for Labour Party candidate Janet Miller.

Mr Barnard said: “We have managed to maintain a sizeable gap but I can see why people turned to UKIP as a protest vote and I think that’s what it is. If we do the right thing they will come back into the fold.

“People were apologising for voting UKIP. They wanted to send a message to the prime minister. They have done that and I think we can continue business as usual.”

The Conservative Party also held the Warner and Rusper divison with UKIP coming second.

Mick Hodgson (Con) received 1,228 votes, Geoff Stevens for UKIP received 673 votes and 331 people voted for Liberal Democrat Party candidate Ian Shepherd, a former Horsham District Councillor.

In Billingshurst Amanda Jupp, Conservative Party member held her seat with 1,013 votes, David Duke, UKIP candidate received 919 votes, 228 people voted for Gillian Knight of the Liberal Democrats Party and Keith Maslin for the Labour Party received 206 votes.

Mrs Jupp said she will continue to tackle issues regarding infrastructure and parking. “I’m very delighted. I’ve really enjoyed being on the council for four years. I wasn’t confident I’d win again, but I’m looking forward to another four years and I’ll even harder to do the right thing for residents.

“UKIP have increased their vote from last time and it reflects the feeling countrywide. There will be interesting times to come.

“In Billingshurst we have got more people commuting, using the trains. There is very little parking and I am hoping to try and continue working with Horsham District Council to try and find a solution to the parking problem in Billingshurst.

“Also it would be wonderful for Barns Green if the development and school go through. It’s a decision for Horsham District Council, but I hope the committee accept the plans. It’s a great scheme.

“It’s now got the shared ownership housing and hopefully it will go through.”

Southwater & Nuthurst was held by the Conservative Party’s Brad Watson with 1,263 votes, Stuart Aldridge from UKIP received 1,094 votes, the Liberal Democrat candidate Peter Stainton received 492 votes and 204 people voted for Labour’s Jacqueline Little.

Also held by the Conservative Party was the Holbrook Division with Peter Catchpole receiving 1,237 votes, Sally Wilkins from UKIP had 678 votes, Horsham District Council chairman and Liberal Democrat candidate Leonard Crosbie received 487 votes and Labour’s Sheila Chapman received 273 votes.