Union rep says ongoing public sector pay freeze is ‘disgusting’

THE FACT that public sector workers face a third year of pay freezes has been branded ‘disgusting’ by a Horsham union representative.

“Apparently we’re not all in it together,” said Bruce Milton, Horsham district council’s Unison representative, following the news from the Local Government Association that salaries for most council employees would not increase in 2012/13.

Despite Government promises, even those on the lowest wages will not receive the £250 minimum increase promised to them in Chancellor George Osborne’s June 2010 budget.

“Personally I’m quite disgusted with it,” said Bruce. “Bonuses paid to some of the bankers have been reduced by 65 per cent but their pay has gone up to match that.

“Most councils in the country have put one per cent in their budget for any pay rise. They could at least try and help us out here.

“We have suffered more than anyone else. It’s only fair we are taken care of as well. It makes us the lowest paid workers in the public sector. Then the Government are talking about increased contributions to pensions, which could mean a 50 per cent hike in our contributions every month.

“That’s still being negotiated and it’s probably going to take a long time.”

A recent survey by Unison revealed that when inflation is taken into account, pay in the public sector has already been slashed by 13 per cent since April 2009.