Sainsbury’s site proposal dropped from Horsham vision

JPCT 281013 S13430631x Sainsbury's. Horsham -photo by Steve Cobb ENGSUS00120131029125406
JPCT 281013 S13430631x Sainsbury's. Horsham -photo by Steve Cobb ENGSUS00120131029125406

A proposal to redevelop the Horsham Sainsbury’s site for a mix of housing and retail has been dropped.

The idea of relocating the existing store westwards facing on to Worthing Road with underground parking to free up housing space was included in the draft Horsham Town Centre Vision.

Horsham District Council held a public consultation on the document between May and June, with 44 per cent of respondents disagreeing with 34 per cent signalling support.

According to the council’s response the idea ‘will not be progressed further at this time unless there is a significant change in circumstances’. A vision statement has now been published for another round of consultation, running until Monday October 16.

Other areas of the town included in the vision are Queen Street, the railway station and RSA car parks, The Forum, Blackhorse Way, and North Street.

The vision also looks at ways to improve gateways into the town centre and the future of the short pedestrianised stretch of the Bishopric between West Street and Albion Way.

Respondents to the council’s informal consultation earlier this year strongly backed better pedestrian facilities and a one-way system for Blackhorse Way, improved links between The Forum and West Street, improvements to Queen Street,and retaining North Street as a commercial quarter for future offices, a hotel location, and public realm enhancements.

Retaining the existing stream and waterfall in the Bishopric was also supported by residents.

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