REMINDER: No elections for the Horsham District

Horsham District Council crest
Horsham District Council crest

HORSHAM District Council is reminding residents that there are no local elections taking place in the Horsham District this Thursday May 3.

Publicity campaigns have been aired on television channels and radio for the local elections but residents in the Horsham District should be aware that there will be no elections in the Horsham District until November.

The last full election of Horsham District Council took place in 2011 and this happens once every four years.

Some councils elect a third of their council each year but this does not happen at Horsham District Council.

The next election in the Horsham District will be the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, which will take place on November 15 2012.

There will be West Sussex County Council elections in May 2013 and the next Horsham District and Parish Council elections will take place in May 2015, which is the same as the Parliamentary elections.

For further information, please contact the Electoral Services department at Horsham District Council by email or call 01403 215126.