Plans for 14 new Slinfold homes approved

Plans for 14 new homes in Slinfold have been approved
Plans for 14 new homes in Slinfold have been approved

Plans to demolish a house in Slinfold and build 14 homes have been approved, despite concerns from residents about drainage.

At a meeting of Horsham District Council’s planning committee on Tuesday (September 4), members gave the thumbs-up to the development at Welwyn, in Hayes Lane, which will include three affordable homes.

Objecting to the application, Janet Valentine, of Six Acres, said the drainage system at Welwyn was ‘not sustainable’.

Mrs Valentine said: “I’m not a NIMBY. I always knew it would be developed. We are content with the design of the houses and the design of the estate. Our only problem is the drainage.”

She added: “We are not content with the plan to deal with the surface water by having permeable hard surfaces and to remove any surplus into the Hayes Lane drainage.

“Clay is not permeable, so in times of heavy rain there will be more surface water into the drainage system in Hayes Lane which cannot cope at present.

“Streams form either side of the road and traffic soaks pedestrians walking on the side walk.”

Martyn Avery, speaking on behalf of the applicant, Chartwell Land & New Homes Ltd, told the meetings that civil engineers had reported there was no risk of flooding from the development, either to itself or other homes.

In addition, he pointed out that neither the Horsham property services team nor West Sussex County Council’s flood risk management team had raised any objection to the application.

Mr Avery added: “We have taken the concerns of the surrounding neighbours extremely seriously on this point and will continue to engage with the parish throughout the construction of this project.”

The applications was approved unanimously. Connor Relleen (Ind, Horsham Park) had to abstain from the vote as he arrived late.

The development will include three two-bedroom homes, four three-bedroom homes, six four-bedroom homes and one five-bedroom home, along with parking, landscaping and space for bins and bikes.

In addition a new access point on to Hayes Lane will be built.