People go online to say pub site should be used for new housing

People commenting on the County Times website, Facebook page and Twitter have said they would rather see the former St Leonard’s Arms pub site used for housing than a new Tesco convenience store.

Many are concerned about traffic on the junction with St Leonards Road, which is already busy. Others are worried that, if it is granted permission, this will be the sixth Tesco-owned store in the town, including the One Stop shops which the supermarket giant bought in December 2010.

On the newspaper’s website, Fireyfish27 said: “We have far too many Tesco shops (or ones under their banner) in Horsham. Why can’t the site be made available for housing - after all we have a chronic housing shortage in the town or so we are told.”

Horshamd said: “Since this ceased to be a pub, it has become one failed restaurant after another. I’m disappointed to see a Tesco go there (strange decision) and I’m struggling to see why the site could not have been converted to housing?”

‘Uglybetty’ agreed saying it would ‘kill the local shop already there’.

Someone commenting under the pseudonym of ‘In the Sham’ said: “I’m not anti-Tesco and I would welcome the disused site to be redeveloped, however, I do question whether yet another Tesco is needed in Horsham.

“As well as the Extra in Broadbridge Heath, there is an Express on Blatchford Road.

“Tesco also has three stores operating under the name of its other convenience store chain One Stop - on Station Road, Lambs Farm Road and in Broadbridge Heath. A sixth Tesco seems unnecessary and over the top.”

Others have concerns about the potential for an increase in traffic there if the plans go ahead.

On the County Times Facebook page Judith Jennings said: “Tesco’s are too powerful and will ruin the livelihood of St Leonards stores and the traffic on that dangerous corner is an accident waiting to happen. Don’t worry, the council is going to rename Horsham Tescoland.”

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