‘No’ to guest rooms at pub

AN APPEAL to build single storey guest bedroom accommodation at The Three Crowns, Billingshurst Road, Wisborough Green, has failed,

Planning inspector David Hogger dismissed the appeal against Chichester District Council’s refusal of the plans.

He said the site is in a Conservation Area and part of the open garden area for the pub.

“The garden can be seen from outside the site and constitutes an attractive open element in the character of the area,” he said.

“The larger of the two proposed buildings would be about 14.5m in length and 6.5m wide, while the smaller building would be about 9.7m by 6.5m.

“Much of the area between the larger building and the public house would become what is described as a gravel courtyard.

“The size of the buildings in terms of footprint would be significant and together with the courtyard would introduce an incongruous element of built form into the fabric of the village at the expense of the open area.”

The new building would be about 12.5m from the pub, the central part of which dates back to the 17th century with projecting wings added in the 18th century.

“It is an important visual element in views from the road and the village green and currently enjoys an attractive and relatively spacious setting to the north and west,” Mr Hogger said.

“The intensity of the development and its proximity to the listed building would result in an uncomfortable and unacceptable relationship which would be visible from both within and outside the site.”