More trees cleared for the developers

Land cleared between Horsham and Crawley. Photo by Derek Martin
Land cleared between Horsham and Crawley. Photo by Derek Martin

MORE trees have been felled in the Horsham district this week to make way for development.

On land to the east of Horsham on the A264 near Faygate a number of mature specimens have been removed so work can start on a development of 2,500 houses next month.

Concerned motorists contacted the County Times saying trees and hedges all along the dual-carriageway were suddenly being axed and all that remains now is an open field.

Sue Cranford from Horsham said: “Driving on the A264 to Crawley from Horsham I’ve noticed they’ve cut down loads of trees and hedgerows on the left hand side near the Cherry Tree pub.”

Other readers described the area where trees have been removed as a copse, but plans for 2,500 homes, a new railway station, schools and neighbourhood centre to the west of Crawley and on Horsham district land were approved last year.

Work is due to start on the first phase in April.

A spokesman from Horsham District Council said: “The tree felling that has taken place is in connection with the development by Crest Strategic Projects on the Holmbush Farm Landfill Site, where planning permission was granted in October 2011 for a development of approximately 2,500 dwellings, new access from the A264 and secondary access from the A264, neighbourhood centre (comprising retail, community building with library facility, public house, primary care centre and care home), pumping station, land for primary school and nursery, land for employment uses, new railway station, energy centre and associated amenity space.

“The permission included detailed approval for the first residential phase of 291 houses and the associated landfill remediation and the formation of a noise bund along the A264.

“The tree felling which has taken place was identified at application stage and this development will deliver a high quality landscape secured through a landscape masterplan.

“The work that has taken place is in preparation for the development of the first phase, which is due to start in April 2012.”