Listen to interview with Horsham’s youngest councillor

HORSHAM’S youngest councillor has spoken exclusively to the County Times about views on a new nightclub, tuition fees and his passion of getting more young people involved in politics.

Conservative candidate Josh Murphy, 19, was elected this month to represent the people of the traditional Liberal Democrat stronghold Horsham Park. He shares the ward with Horsham Liberal Democrat leader David Holmes and fellow Lib Dem Frances Haigh.

Josh Murphy.

Josh Murphy.

Click on the link to hear Josh’s interview with County Times editor in chief Gary Shipton.

Born in Rusper and a former pupil of Forest School and The College of Richard Collyer, Josh described his reaction when he was told he had won. He was at university when he found out.

“I was in my residence when Christian (Christian Mitchell, chairman of the Horsham Conservative Association) called me. I didn’t believe him at first, but then I let it sink in for about ten minutes.

“Then I called my mum, then my dad and then I knocked on all the doors in my hall and we went down the pub to celebrate.

“I would like to represent the younger voice. There are three of us [Conservative councillors] under 26.

“Having grown up in Horsham I have friends here. None of them are interested in politics, but I really want them to know I can represent them at meetings, they can change things and they do have a voice.

“I’m really over the moon and I think it’s going to be great experience for me. Even though I didn’t expect to win I’m going to represent the people and take it on.”

Josh, who moved to Horsham when he was 12, is now studying Computer Science at King’s College, London.

Listen to the full interview and see this week’s County Times to read more on Josh and his hopes for the future of Horsham and its residents.

Josh has posed the following questions and invites the young people of Horsham district to send in their answers.

The County Times has kindly agreed to collect your responses. So please send your answers to the questions to:

Seven key questions young people

1. Do you feel you have a say in local issues?

a)Yes b) No c) Unsure

2. Would you support a second nightclub in Horsham?

a) Yes b) No c) Unsure

3. Do you want Horsham District Council to do more to facilitate low cost housing?

a) Yes b) No c) Unsure

4. Are you concerned about green issues, such as recycling and littering?

a) Yes b) No c) Unsure

5. How would you rate your broadband speed and coverage?

a) Strong b) Moderate c) Weak d) Unsure

6. Could the resources for young people provided by the library be improved?

a) Yes b) No c) Unsure

7. Are there enough leisure activities provided by the council?

a) Yes b) No c) Unsure