Lampposts in middle of path at leisure centre car park to be moved

Lamppost in Hurst Road Car Park (photo by James Smith).
Lamppost in Hurst Road Car Park (photo by James Smith).

Lampposts blocking a path through a Horsham leisure centre’s car park will be moved to the edge of the walkway the council has confirmed.

Horsham District Council is spending £224,000 making improvements to the Hurst Road Car Park next to Pavilions in the Park including the creation of 33 extra parking spaces.

The plans were opposed by some residents and groups due to the narrowing of the wide central pedestrian reservation which ran through the car park.

This week concerns have been raised about the positioning of two lampposts in the middle of the new path as wheelchair users could struggle to use the route.

But a spokesman for HDC said: “The improvements to the car park, which will create 33 extra parking spaces, started in January and are due to finish at the end of June.

“Two lampposts, which are currently in the middle of the central walkway, will be re-positioned to the edge of the walkway before the surface is completed.

“The project is within the scope of the originally agreed budget of £224k. It was subsequently agreed to improve the lighting scheme in the car park and improve landscape planting, and these are being funded separately.”.