House appeal dismissed

A NEW two bedroom house cannot be built at 22 Coleridge Close, Horsham.

A government planning inspector dismissed an appeal against Horsham District Council’s refusal of the application.

He said the proposed position in front of the existing house would be an ‘unusual relationship between houses in this area’.

The proposed western elevation would appear ‘cramped’ in front of the existing house.

“It would be closer to the front of the house than the existing garage and would look awkward from the street and from the existing dwelling,” he said.

“The parking arrangements would look contrived and awkward with vehicles being prominently positioned. This would have an adverse impact on the street scene.”

He was concerned one tree could suffer damage to its root, ‘reducing its lifespan and amenity value’ within the group of trees and the development would limit replanting.

The trees along the southern boundary of the proposed garden would also limit the amount of sunlight reaching that area and the density of the tree screen providing a ‘buffer’ between the two parts of the settlement would be reduced.