Horsham UKIP: Residents’ aspirations have been neglected but we will work for benefit of those who elected us

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By Horsham UKIP

HDC’s Cabinet and Party Whip system, does not provide the kind of open democracy that we believe in and we will demand greater transparency.

Localism has failed and indiscriminate development leaves infrastructure unfit for purpose. We need elected councillors back in charge - not developers or un-elected Planning Inspectors. Developers need incentive to own and develop brown field, in preference to agricultural and flood prone land.

We will fight for the repatriation of powers to Parliament and for the control of migration, according to the country’s need, avoiding an inflated demand for housing.

Waste incineration and fracking near to residential areas will be opposed. The potential impacts on the pollution of aquifers, on traffic and ground stability must be fully understood, before fracking is allowed to expand.

Planning permissions for businesses must not be needlessly delayed and we will demand a more sensible way to determine business rates. Small to Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) should be encouraged to innovate and not be treated as cash cows.

GP services have been stretched and we would lobby hard for improved capacity, avoiding the need for patients to travel unreasonable distances, while reducing the burden on A&E units.

Visible Neighbourhood Policing has been depleted. We will lobby hard to have that restored and for a fairer allocation of educational resources.

Several Local Authority Chief Executives in West Sussex cost well over £100,000 each. That money could be better spent on sustaining council services. So we would drive hard for services to be shared between councils, moving towards a single unitary authority. We will oppose needless increases in council and stealth taxes.

We want to end a chapter of history in which residents’ aspirations have been neglected. We will work for the benefit of those who elected us, not for the party.

This piece is part of a series where all the major parties were invited to share their priorities for the district in the lead up to the Horsham District Council elections.

Polling day is Thursday May 2.