Horsham district litter hotspots being targeted by council

Horsham District Council litter enforcement sign
Horsham District Council litter enforcement sign

STAFF from Horsham District Council have been out visiting hot spot areas to tackle the growing amounts of litter on the main roads in the district over the last month.

The A24 and the A264 have both been identified as particular hot spot areas and staff have been visiting the area to address the large amounts of litter dropped from commercial vehicles and from people throwing it out of moving cars.

It costs taxpayers over £1,500 a day for a moving lane control, a large lorry slowly driving behind staff, on a dual carriageway in order to allow staff to safely litter pick.

The council undertakes enforcement work targeting those responsible in an effort to combat environmental impact, nuisance and cost caused by those who let litter escape from vehicles.

Horsham District Council and Biffa Waste Services staff have been out working in partnership and monitoring vehicle activity.

If littering is witnessed, Horsham District Council is urging people to make a note of the registration number, time, date, type of vehicle and location and report it online and by phone.

HDC cabinet member for the environment Andrew Baldwin said: “Roadside litter is a particular problem and Horsham District Council devotes significant resources in terms of money and staff in tackling the blight of this anti-social behaviour.

“Litter is more visible at this time of year on the main roads and as a result the Council targets extra resources to clear verges.

“In the past month, in addition to our usual work programme, we have spent £6,000 on clearing the A24 and A264.

“Much of the litter you see at the side of main roads comes from commercial vehicles or from people throwing it out of moving cars.

“All vehicles carrying waste to the landfill site in north Horsham should be properly sheeted over to stop items blowing out and once they have emptied their load they are required to brush out any remnants.”

For more information, please visit the Horsham District Council website or call 01403 733144.