Horsham District Council election results: live updates

Horsham District Council election results are due to be announced today (May 3).

All 48 seats are up for election, up from the currently 44 councillors on the authority after a boundary review.

Horsham District Council election results are being announced today

Horsham District Council election results are being announced today


Average turnout was 35.1 per cent.

- 32 Conservatives (retains overall control)

- 13 Liberal Democrats

- 2 Green Party

- 1 Independent


RUSPER AND COLGATE HORSHAM CON HOLD: Conservatives Tony Hogben and Liz Kitchen elected. Turnout: 27%

TRAFALGAR LIB DEM HOLD: Lib Dems Christine Costin and Leonard Crosbie elected. Turnout: 45%


OWFOLD, SHERMANBURY AND WEST GRINSTEAD CON HOLD: Conservatives Lynn Lambert and Jonathan Chowen elected. Turnout: 32%

SOUTHWATER SOUTH AND SHIPLEY CON HOLD: Conservatives Gordon Lindsay and Ian Stannard elected. Turnout: 32%

BROADBRIDGE HEATH LIB DEM GAIN: Lib Dems Matthew Allen and Louise Potter elected. Turnout: 30%

HOLBROOK EAST CON HOLD: Conservatives Andrew Baldwin and Karen Burgess elected. Turnout: 33%

STEYNING AND ASHURST GREEN GAIN, CON HOLD: Green Bob Platt and Conservative Tim Lloyd elected. Turnout: 41%

UPPER BEEDING AND WOODMANCOTE GREEN GAIN, CON HOLD: Green Michael Croker and Conservative Roger Noel elected. Turnout: 35%

SOUTHWATER NORTH CON HOLD: Conservatives Claire Vickers and Billy Greening elected. Turnout: 37%

ITCHINGFIELD, SLINFOLD AND WARNHAM CON HOLD: Conservatives Stuart Ritchie and Tricia Youtan elected. Turnout: 34%

DENNE LIB DEM GAIN: Lib Dems Ruth Fletcher, Frances Haigh and Belinda Walters have been elected. Turnout: 35%

RUDGWICK CON HOLD: Conservative Richard Landeryou is elected. Turnout: 36%

ROFFEY SOUTH LIB DEM GAIN, CON HOLD: Lib Dem Alan Britten and Conservative Roy Cornell elected. Turnout: 28%

HOLBROOK WEST CON HOLD: Peter Burgess and Christian Mitchell elected. Turnout: 35%

HENFIELD HOLD: Independent councillor Mike Morgan and Conservative Josh Potts have been elected. Turnout: 41%

ROFFEY NORTH LIB DEM GAIN: Lib Dems Anthony Bevis and John Milne are elected. Turnout: 34%

BILLINGSHURST CON HOLD: Conservatives Chris Brown, Nigel Jupp and Kate Rowbottom elected. Turnout: 29%

WEST CHILTINGTON, THAKEHAM AND ASHINGTON CON HOLD: Conservatives Philip Circus, John Blackall and Jack Saheid are elected. Turnout: 36%

PULBOROUGH, COLDWALTHAM AND AMBERLEY CON HOLD: Conservatives Paul Clarke, Brian Donnelly and Diana Van Der Klugt are elected. Turnout: 32%

FOREST LIB DEM GAIN: Lib Dems Colin Minto, Godfrey Newman and David Skipp are elected. Turnout: 44%

STORRINGTON AND WASHINGTON CON HOLD: Conservatives Ray Dawe, Paul Marshall and James Sanson have been elected. Turnout: 35%


So far, the Tories have 31 seats, the Lib Dems have 13 seats, the Greens have two seats and the independents have one seat.

The results have so far mirrored the national picture across England, where the Lib Dems have picked up some seats at the expense of the Conservatives.

It seems Labour’s hopes to finally be elected on to the council have been scuppered.