Horsham Conservatives: Top priority to maintain and enhance quality of life

Conservative Ray Dawe, leader at HDC
Conservative Ray Dawe, leader at HDC

By Ray Dawe, Conservative leader at Horsham District Council

Horsham district is a great place to live and Conservative councillors’ top priority is to maintain and enhance this quality of life.

Our manifesto tells of our successes….


We have delivered a 49% increase in affordable homes since 2015 and reduced the housing waiting list by almost 10% in the last year alone.

• LOWEST COUNCIL TAX IN WEST SUSSEX and we have delivered all our core services and more.


We have the highest recycling rate in West Sussex. We exceeded the Government’s 50% recycling target 2 years early.

So here are some of our ambitions…

To boost recycling even more we have been in discussions with other West Sussex councils about a food waste collection trial to take place in the Autumn. Like it or not, all governments see our district as a place that can take many new homes. So we need to protect the character of the district, building well designed communities with particular concern about building height and density. Securing more infrastructure funding from Government will help deliver better road and rail links and public services.

To further help those on lower incomes we are investing £12m in a new affordable housing company. We want to help our towns and villages, especially the high streets, by helping them adapt to the many changes that new technology and internet shopping brings.

We want to work closely with the community, wildlife charities and South Downs National Park to protect our countryside, as we continue to invest in our green spaces and parks. Our £12.3m investment at the Bridge Leisure Centre is an example of wanting to maintain our district’s health and well-being and we are planning further investment in Horsham’s Capitol Theatre as part of the legacy from our successful Year of Culture.

We are able to deliver these ambitions because we have a prudent and financially strong Conservative led council and we ask for residents to support Conservative candidates to keep our district as a great place to live - a council planning for the future but recognising the heritage of the past.

This piece is part of a series where all the major parties were invited to share their priorities for the district in the lead up to the Horsham District Council elections.

Polling day is Thursday May 2.