Horsham Brexitometer gauges support for people’s vote on final deal

Louise Potter, from the Horsham Lib Dems, with the Brexitometer
Louise Potter, from the Horsham Lib Dems, with the Brexitometer

Horsham’s Lib Dems used a ‘Brexitometer’ to gauge support in the town for a people’s vote on a final deal with the European Union.

On Saturday (September 8) they also asked visitors to the town centre whether they thought Brexit was going well and if it would be good for jobs and the NHS.

The Brexitometer

The Brexitometer

The vast majority of respondents said that Brexit was not going well and it would be bad for both the NHS and jobs.

Louise Potter, spokesperson for the Horsham Liberal Democrats campaign group, said: “It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to talk to local residents about their views on how Brexit is going.

“People were really keen to add to our Brexitometer and the results were overwhelmingly in support of a people’s vote on the final deal.”

“We also heard from lots of people who are already feeling the effects of Brexit including local business owners and EU nationals who have made Britain their home for many years but no longer feel welcome.

“The Horsham Liberal Democrats will keep fighting to give the people the final say.”

The Brexitometer was part of a People’s Vote action day that many Liberal Democrat groups across the country have been holding over the summer.

There was also a street stall held in Storrington on Saturday.