Final phase of bus route changes announced

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REDUCTION in bus subsidies have been announced by West Sussex Sussex County Council, affecting various routes in the Horsham district and Cranleigh.

This is the final phase of its three-year programme to cut non-commercial routes by £2 million.

The savings are part of the county council’s drive to save £79m following significant grant reductions from central government.

The local routes affected are listed below.

A comprehensive list showing how all the routes are affected can be found by logging onto

It is also available from libraries and help points.

Any changes to bus services will not happen until September 2.

What do you think? Will the changes cause problems or are they are sensible way to save money.

Bus companies will be progressively publishing their timetables in the usual way after July 5.

Residents are advised to check with their local bus operator to find out the latest timetable in due course.

A cross party working group assessed routes subsidised by the county council, and the findings of a bus survey completed by 8,242 passengers were used to help make the final decisions.

The working group considered how changes would affect passengers of different ages, the reasons why people use the bus route, how often they used it, what other alternative transport was available and the needs of people with disabilities.

County council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Pieter Montyn, said: “Regretfully some tough decisions have had to be made, but faced with the reduction in grant funding, we had no other option.

“However a clearer picture has now emerged and we know where we stand.

“We will do everything we can to support those communities where a service has been withdrawn.

“Resources have been put aside to enable communities to explore other options and avenues, such as community transport, to lessen the impact on passengers affected by this.”

Forthcoming changes to funding and services, with effect from September 2012

23, 24 (Metrobus)

Crawley – Horsham

WSCC funding withdrawn, however the 23 service will continue to run as a commercial service.

Route 24 (one journey only) via Colgate to be withdrawn.

Timetable subject to final confirmation.

42, 44 (Arriva)

Cranleigh - Guildford

Following the Surrey County Council review of bus services, this service is to transfer to a new operator on a commercial basis, with one journey each way from Cranleigh to Godalming and Guildford diverted via Loxwood, Ifold and Plaistow under contract to West Sussex County Council. The remainder of the journeys will operate direct from Alfold Crossways to Dunsfold via the existing 42 route.

New operator and timetable subject to final confirmation.

61 (Metrobus)

Horsham – North Heath (circular)

No expected changes

63 (Arriva)

Cranleigh – Horsham

WSCC funding to be withdrawn from some peak hour journeys which will be withdrawn as a result.

Timetable subject to final confirmation.

65 (Metrobus)

Oakhill – Horsham

Timetable to be revised and subject to final confirmation.

68 (Compass)

Cranleigh - Chichester

This commercial service will be withdrawn due to insufficient passenger numbers.

69 (Compass)

Alfold – Worthing

This service will operate additionally on Thursdays between Pulborough and Worthing.

Tuesday and Thursday buses will be diverted via Patching & Clapham to partly replace service 84.

Timetable subject to final confirmation.

71 (Compass)

Pulborough – Chichester (Wednesdays)

Route and timetable revised to run direct via A29 to partly replace withdrawn service 85.

Please note that this is currently a commercial service that will be funded by WSCC from 1 September 2012.

Timetable subject to final confirmation.

72, 73 (Compass)

Storrington – Pulborough

Revised to operate on Mondays only.

Timetable subject to final confirmation.

74, 74A, 75 (Compass)

Ashington/Petworth - Horsham

Revised morning peak hour journeys as follows:

Service 75 – 07.57 Petworth to Billingshurst extended to Horsham via Coolham and Barns Green.

Service 74A – 07.53 withdrawn and a new early journey from Storrington at 07.00 to Horsham provided instead.

84/85 (Compass)

Worthing/Billingshurst - Chichester

Service revised to operate between Arundel and Chichester only.

Revisions made on Compass 69 and 71 to provide shopping facilities for Coldwaltham, Watersfield, Bury, Patching and Clapham.

89 (Metrobus)

Horsham – Haywards Heath

To be operated by Compass Travel instead of Metrobus.

Converted to single deck operation and withdrawn from Oakhill, Horsham and Burrell Road, Haywards Heath (diversions only to avoid low bridges).

Timetable subject to final confirmation.

98 (Metrobus)

Roffey – Southwater

WSCC funding withdrawn from supported evening services.

Metrobus to confirm if any of these journeys will operate commercially.

100 (Compass)

Horsham – Burgess Hill

Revised timetable to better suit school finishing times.

Timetable subject to final confirmation.

106 (Compass)

Worthing - Henfield

WSCC funding to be withdrawn. Compass are considering options and will confirm if any journeys will operate commercially.

108, 109 (Compass)

Worthing/Lancing – Horsham

Revised route and timetable to operate on Wednesdays only, serving Steyning,

Ashurst, Partridge Green, West Grinstead, Dial Post, Shipley, Maplehurst and Nuthurst.

Route and timetable subject to final confirmation.

200 (Metrobus)

Horsham – Gatwick Airport

Reduction in late evening service to hourly.

Timetable subject to final confirmation.

Compass 601 (Compass)

Houghton – Rydon School

WSCC funding withdrawn and the service will cease.

Alternative arrangements will be made for school pupils from Houghton and Amberley, who are eligible for assistance with school transport.

619 (Compass)

Houghton Rydon School - Steyning

Revised to run non-stop between Rackham and Thakeham Rydon School.

The service will be unavailable for local trips from Storrington to Rydon School.

Timetable subject to final confirmation.

696 (Metrobus)

Broadfield – Ifield

This commercial service will be withdrawn, as it operates in conjunction with services for which funding has been removed.