‘Enormous’ retail area could make £23million for the district council

Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre sign S12060817a -photo by Steve Cobb
Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre sign S12060817a -photo by Steve Cobb

A massive 165,000 sq ft of retail space worth up to £23million could be sold by Horsham District Council at the Broadbridge Heath Quadrant.

The area would be freed up by redevelopment of Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre, the athletics track and indoor bowling centre.

A valuation report for the site by DVS Property Specialists lists the money to be made from a range of options for development of either 130,000 or 165,000 sq ft in one or three phases.

Consultation on the future of the leisure centre runs alongside that of the Draft Broadbridge Heath Quadrant Planning Brief, due to go before the council on June 27, which considers the retail benefits of the land, as well as the Draft Horsham Town Plan.

Horsham Society said the planning brief ‘has been slipped out alongside the leisure centre consultation with little fanfare’ but it was ‘possibly even more important because it is the means by which the council would be able to sell the land for retail expansion’.

“The planning brief appears to be designed more to increase the value of publicly owned land than meet the future needs of Broadbridge Heath or Horsham town,” its Facebook page said.

The society’s John Steele said this was ‘incompatible’ with the ‘town centre first policy in the Horsham Town Plan’.