ELECTION 2015: Arundel and South Downs - Peter Grace (UKIP)

Honoured to have been selected as your UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Arundel & South Downs, in the general election, I am Peter Grace an ex-Royal Naval submarine engineer and now an IT delivery manager with a British, global, defence company.

Thursday, 23rd April 2015, 4:00 am

My wife, Anne, and I are local, involved in our community and passionate about preserving and improving, without destroying, everything that is good about Arundel & South Downs, ‘the soul of West Sussex’.

I am not a ‘politician’, I am standing because this historically diverse and influential country, Great Britain, is being squandered by our current elitist ruling class.

The Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour parties are indistinguishable from each other, all totally out of touch with our lives, jobs and problems as they squabble over ‘the centre ground’, while telling voters they are different.

I am standing as a totally-disillusioned ex-Tory to provide a real, local, political alternative.

If you believe in true localism; where you and I take responsibility, at county level, for planning, health and our children’s education – if you believe your MP should be your representative in government – if you believe in low taxes and that the world is bigger than the undemocratic, ‘United States of Europe’, then come with me and together you and I will work to give us back our country and our democracy.

You and I can protect and improve our glorious Downs and green fields from irresponsible profiteering and the current government’s, ‘presumption in favour of developers’. We can provide homes and opportunities for local people with affordable housing, responsible development on brownfield sites and encouraging our local small businesses to thrive.

We can ensure our government’s priorities are changed from providing billions of pounds to third world dictators, and countries with their own space programmes, to protecting Queen, country and us.

To ensure spending increases on defence, policing and frontline health provision.

We can ensure our country and our taxes are not given away to buy SNP votes, just so you and I can be ignored for another five years. We can ensure our voice is heard in Westminster.

UKIP is the positive voice of ordinary people and acts, genuinely, in the interests of the many, not the few.

Change the status quo and vote UKIP in May.

Find out more, and contact Peter, at www.YourVoiceInWestminster.co.uk