Did Horsham District Council do what it said it would do in 2011/12?

Horsham District Council Annual Report 2011/12
Horsham District Council Annual Report 2011/12

Horsham District Council has published its Annual Report for 2011/12 setting out achievements and progress over the past year.

In this interactive report, residents can read about the council’s achievements as well as judge how well the council delivered over the year on the priorities set out in the District Plan at the start of 2011.

Those interested can find out where the council’s income comes from and how much it has cost to provide services for residents, businesses and visitors within the Horsham district.

The report also gives an insight into what residents think about the council’s services.

Out of those residents that replied to the recent ‘Have Your Say Resident’s Survey’, six out of ten residents said they were satisfied with how Horsham District Council runs things, and only one in ten are dissatisfied, and that the services that most need improving are activities for teenagers.

The report includes information about how the council is run, what it does, and how residents can get more involved in local decision making.

The year ahead is another challenging one for everyone - councils, residents and businesses.

A new business transformation programme will help the Council make the most of its assets and look at innovative approaches to making savings and increasing income in order to continue to provide high quality services and keep Council Tax as low as possible.

Ray Dawe, leader of Horsham District Council, said: “I am pleased to report that, despite facing unprecedented financial challenges, the council has achieved a great deal in the last year and the Annual Report shows how well we have delivered on our priorities.

“Horsham has been voted as one of the best places to live in the UK and the district is considered to be one of the safest in the area.”

To view the interactive 2011/12 report online or to download a full PDF version of the report, visit the Horsham District Council website www.horsham.gov.uk